Trustbridge strives to bring compassionate and loving care to every patient every day.  Patient and family stories are the story of Hospice.  And no one can tell that story better than you.

As a family member of a patient or a former patient, perhaps you experienced a moment that will stay with you forever.  A kind word from your Hospice Aide when the weight of the illness was overwhelming? A family dinner full of memories and laughter? The honor of being recognized for service to your county by a volunteer Veteran ? Or the sense of relief upon simply having the support of Trustbridge for you and your family on this journey?

Over the years we have served thousands of patients and families – some simply for a few hours and others for months.  And each story is unique and special.  Would you be willing to share your story so that we may share it with others?


By submitting your story you are consenting to Trustbridge sharing your name and story through various media channels including, but not limited to social media, the Hospice website, organizational collateral, and fundraising appeals. You also release Trustbridge, Inc. and its subsidiaries from all liability associated with sharing your story.

Husband's Bonsai Garden A Growing Tribute To Late Wife

Husband’s Bonsai Garden A Growing Tribute To Late Wife

By Trustbridge | September 10, 2020

Boynton Beach resident Harvey Tatelman has had two loves — his wife Claire who died June 29 at age 92, and his hobby, bonsai landscaping.   Tatelman, 95, a former New York…