Trustbridge offers a variety of clinical internships for students pursuing degrees in social work, music therapy, and divinity/pastoral education. Interns have opportunities to work with patients and families in a wide range of settings, from inpatient units, to homes, to our Bereavement Centers The internship experience includes a comprehensive orientation to our facility, model, and philosophy of care, along with frequent supervision by highly qualified professionals. Interns form a relationship with their individual Field Instructor, who helps in the development of personal goals and learning outcomes. Interns also have opportunities to learn from and collaborate with related disciplines through interdisciplinary team meetings and cotreatment sessions.

If you are interested in pursuing a social work or chaplain internship at Trustbridge, you should contact you university regarding program requirements. A current contract must be in place between your school program and Trustbridge in order to complete an internship with us.  If a contact does not currently exist, it may be possible to develop one. Contact us early to begin the process.