Trustbridge Hospice services has its own pharmacy and medical equipment divisions so we can respond to any needs that arise. Additionally, we deliver everything related to the hospice diagnosis directly to the bedside.

Medical equipment

Your loved one may need medical equipment to be comfortable, remain mobile and retain a sense of independence. For example, some hospice services include a wheelchair, a hospital bed or a lift to help a bedridden patient get into a wheelchair. Meanwhile, we will train you to use the equipment that helps him or her live life to the fullest and eases your caregiving efforts. 

Hospice medications

Ours was the first hospice program in Florida to have its own pharmacy. Therefore, we believe that medication expertise is vital to symptom management. Furthermore, we provide all medications that are related to the hospice diagnosis.

Personal care supplies

We also provide products that may be needed for daily living, such as bathing, skin-care or incontinence supplies. Particularly, our compassionate certified nursing assistants provide assistance with personal care.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with serious illness, you can rely on the compassionate professionals of Trustbridge.