Hospice Care

Trustbridge hospice care is here to bridge the gap between what has been normal life and the unfamiliar terrain that lies ahead of you. Although there are many misconceptions about hospice care, this is your guide to understanding the hospice benefits and a description of the hospice services at Trustbridge. 

Whether we are caring for your loved one in your family’s home, in a residence of your choice, or as an inpatient in a caregiving facility, the skilled and compassionate professionals of Trustbridge are here for you, 24 hours a day.

Symptom management

Our physicians and nurses are specialists in providing comfort, relieving the pain, symptoms, stress and discomfort of serious illness. Additionally, we also take the time to keep you informed of your loved one’s condition.

Routine hospice care

Routine home care includes scheduled visits from a registered nurse (RN) for medical care and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) for personal care assistance. Similarly, if your care plan includes other types of services, such as spiritual care or music therapy, additional appointments will be scheduled.

Adjusting to change

As your loved one’s health declines and his or her care needs change, we will be here for you. Specifically, we will help you understand what is happening and answer all your questions. Furthermore, we'll guide you through decisions that need to be made related to medical care, equipment and medication.

Acute care

If symptoms become unstable and cannot be managed at home, we will bring your loved one to one of our inpatient care centers for short-term acute care.

Consequently, your loved one can also be treated for acute care at home if symptoms can be stabilized. In this case, nurses will be assigned to care for him or her in the home as needed during these crises.

24-Hour Caregiver Support

Caring for a very ill loved one may be the most challenging experience of your life. However, it can also be the most meaningful and personally rewarding. Similarly, your time, loving compassion and presence are gifts beyond measure to your loved one. Undoubtedly, it is your devotion and love that make all our care effective. Above all, your “heart” combined with our “art” is a powerful combination.

Help with Caregiving Tasks

We can lift an enormous number of caregiving challenges off your shoulders so you can enjoy life’s moments as a family. Particularly, we provide equipment for bedridden patients to get into a wheelchair, bathing assistance, and deliver medications, equipment and supplies.   

Caregiver Education & Training

We will provide hands-on training and 24-hour support so you can meet your loved one’s changing needs. Subsequently, we will educate you so you will understand what is happening and know what to anticipate.  

Emotional support

If you feel sad, tired or overwhelmed with your caregiving responsibilities, you can count on our staff for counseling, respite support or advice.

Respite Care

During times when you need additional support or relief from caregiving duties, we can arrange a short stay for your loved one in a local care facility.

Medications, Equipment & Supplies

Trustbridge has its own pharmacy and medical equipment divisions so we can respond to any needs that arise. Additionally, we deliver everything related to the hospice diagnosis directly to the bedside.

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Medical equipment

Your loved one may need medical equipment to be comfortable, remain mobile and retain a sense of independence. For example, a wheelchair, a hospital bed or a lift to help a bedridden patient get into a wheelchair. Meanwhile, you’ll be trained in equipment used to help him or her life to the fullest, while easing caregiving efforts. 

Hospice medications

Ours was the first hospice program in Florida to have its own pharmacy. Therefore, we believe that medication expertise is vital to symptom management. Furthermore, we provide all medications that are related to the hospice diagnosis.

Personal care supplies

We also provide products that may be needed for daily living, such as bathing, skin-care or incontinence supplies. Particularly, our compassionate certified nursing assistants provide assistance with personal care.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with serious illness, you can rely on the compassionate professionals of Trustbridge.